GES Professional Industrial Cleaning Course is about teaching the trainees about the modern hygienic techniques in cleaning. As well as the proper and more efficient way in cleaning certain areas of the commercial and the different materials they will encounter during commencement of the service.

Good planning provides the best conditions for a good result, regardless of whether you are building a house or cooking a four-course meal. If wok processes are badly planned, it may be that deadlines cannot be met or that employees are put under unnecessary stress. When planning your work, the individual work steps must be put inti a reasonable order. It is necessary to know what can be completed with which process and what work steps are necessary to achieve.

This chapter points out the importance of safety instructions and precautions.

  1. Cleaning Safety Provisions
  2. User Manuals and Instruction
    • Safety and Warning Signs
    • Safety Data Sheet
    • Operating Instructions
  3. Emergency Measures
  4. First Aid Measures

On a day-to-day basis, hygiene means cleanliness. There are germs everywhere which are usually harmless. It is only when they occur on concentrated quantities or are infectious that there is a health hazard involved. In order to keep germ transition as low as possible, there are some hygiene rules which must be observed.


  1. Hazard Assessment
    • Supervisors conduct a walk-through survey of each work area to identify sources of work hazards.  Each survey will be documented using the Hazard Assessment Certification Form, which identifies the work area surveyed, the person conducting the survey, findings of potential hazards, and date of the survey.
  2. Selection of correct PPE
    • Once the hazards of a workplace have been identified, Supervisor will determine if the hazards can first be eliminated or reduced by methods other than PPE
  3. Training
    • Any worker required to wear PPE will receive training in the proper use and care of PPE before being allowed to perform work requiring the use of PPE.  Periodic retraining will be offered to PPE users as needed.
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance
    • It is important that all PPE be kept clean and properly maintained.  Cleaning is particularly important for eye and face protection where dirty or fogged lenses could impair vision.  Employees must inspect, clean, and maintain their PPE according to the manufacturers’ instructions before and after each use
  5. Safety Disciplinary Policy
    • Believes that a safety and health Accident Prevention Program is unenforceable without some type of disciplinary policy.  Our company believes that in order to maintain a safe and healthful workplace, the employees must be cognizant and aware of all company, State, and Federal safety and health regulations as they apply to the specific job duties required.  The following disciplinary policy is in effect and will be applied to all safety and health violations.

This chapter describes the principles and methods of cleaning as well as the use of the right devices, equipment, and detergents for various areas and materials.


It is important to know the right machine you would be needing for the operation to be able to be efficient and to avoid damages.

  1. Parts
    • It is important that the user know all the parts of the machine to be able to use it in the most efficient and proper way. This explains the proper and easy way of using the machine.
  2. Accessories and Attachments
    • Each machine has different accessories and attachments. Some are already part of the machine and some are bought separately. To be able to use your machine in the optimum, the user should know which accessory or attachment is best use for the requirement.
  3. Maintenance and Storage
    • Proper maintenance and storing of the machine are very important for the user to avoid destruction and damaging the machine. The user should also know the basic technical maintenance in order to solve concerns when the machine broke down during the service.



Spectrum of Detergents – Distinguishing the right detergent for certain area/material is plays a very important role in cleaning to achieve the best cleaning result and efficiency with work.

Dosing of Detergents – The aim must always be to dose the cleaning detergent correctly to guarantee the quality of cleaning result.


Distinguishing the proper equipment to use in certain area and material. Each service requires various cleaning equipment that helps the service easier, more efficient and get better result.

Flooring and Materials

There is a wide variety of surfaces and materials that needs to be cleaned either on a regular basis or as deep cleaning. This chapter describes the most common surfaces and materials to be found in residential homes.


GES and in cooperation with GPCCI, facilitates an in-house training for people who are interested in learning and developing new skills in housekeeping and hospitality industry.


GES Professional Housekeeping Cleaning Course is about teaching the trainees about the modern hygienic techniques in cleaning. As well as the proper and more efficient way in cleaning certain areas of the home and the different materials they will encounter during commencement of the service.